Pablo Emmanuel d.

Pablo Emmanuel d.

Supervisor 3D, Game Artist, Animation TD, Scripting, Modeler, Rigging

Currently employed at Espiral Entertainment

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    Also, I have experience in the video game field where I worked as Pipeline TD. I have big pasion for the technical challenges and I have work experience coordinating people.


Supervisor 3D, Game Artist

At Espiral Entertainment

From septiembre 2010 to Present
Desarrollo de video juegos para múltiples plataformas. Adaptación de la nueva generación de video juegos.

Rigger / TD Animation Support

At Catmandu

From mayo 2012 to enero 2013

Development of the first 3D game with Unity 3D, as 3D Art Project Director.

At Globant

From octubre 2011 to diciembre 2011
Desarrollo todo el ambiente 3D, nivel y personajes.

Technical Supervisor 3D generalist

At Nuts Studios

From julio 2010 to enero 2012
-Technical Supervisor 3D generalist. (Movie, “La Maquina Que Hace Estrellas” a estrenar) -Develop educational content to SOL90, 3D rendering of crowds "ancient Egypt". -AR: Responsible for problem solving and for Implementation 3D in AULA 365. Bridging Flare3D Programming. -Rigging of characters....
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Game Artist

At QB9

From enero 2010 to abril 2010
3D Character for PSP game "The Mystery Team" for prerenderisar characters.

3D Generalist

At Toma Virtual

From marzo 2009 to febrero 2010
3D Generalist Animator 3D, VFX, Render, for films “CUENTOS DE LA SELVA”.

Image Campus, Buenos Aires

Professional 3D Animation, Image Campus

From enero 2009 to enero 2010
Professional 3D animation techniques. - Técnicas de animación 2D y 3D, manera diferentes de rigs, actuación teatral y mas.

3D Generalist

At Leader Music

From agosto 2009 to septiembre 2009
3D Animator, 3D Modeler, Mapping. To (DVD 2 Children) Maria Elena Walsh.

Image Campus, Buenos Aires

Game Artist, Image Campus

From enero 2008 to enero 2009
Video game design and production concept - Desarrollo del Arte para cualquier tipo de video juegos.

Image Campus, Buenos Aires

Image Campus

From enero 2006 to enero 2008
Video Game Development, C + +. - Video Game Development, C + +.


  • Anime Studio Pro
  • Autodesk 3D max
  • Autodesk Maya
  • Mudbox
  • Phyton Maya
  • UDK
  • Unity 3D
  • Zbrush

Centres d'intérêt

  • Game artist
  • VFX/simulacion
  • animacion 2D/3D